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Top Tips!

Dogs need to feel safe and know that their humans are there for them and will help them.

Many of the problems with dogs not understanding what is required of them are associated with them feeling like they don't understand what is needed.

Try to think how to reward the good things!

Try to ask yourself: 

What does my dog do right?

How can I reward it?

How can I name, claim and reward a behaviour?

Dogs feel secure when they understand the commands given to them and therefore will start to respond better to their human!

I will work with you to find the good things! I will encourage your dog to understand when they are doing the right thing, as well as when their behaviour might be inappropriate.


Your dog will be rewarded in a variety of ways dependent on their needs. It is important to understand the individual dog, as some dogs respond more to affection and verbal praise than to food rewards.

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