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Pet sitting £15 (or more dependent on your needs)

We look after your pets in the comfort of their own home, we can also stay at your house for a specified time if you wish. We charge £15 for each 1 hour visit- this price can depend on the number of animals, (cats, dogs, small furries, horses) the duration of the visit or your pet's needs. We care well for your pets and follow any instructions you leave. This includes: feeding, watering, exercising and if needed giving your pets their medication or supplements. Each extra dog is £5 for a one off fee for the duration of the stay.

2+ hours = £25

3+ hours = £30

4+ hours up to a full day is £35 and an overnight stay is an extra £10.

Rest assured your pets are cared for with kindness and compassion.

We follow all your specific instructions for looking after your house and your pets too.

Give us a call if you want a professional, compassionate service for your pet.

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