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Initial dog training consultation: £50


I listen to your needs and tailor a package of support for you and your dog(s) which will help you communicate well and get the best from your dog(s). I use kind, respectful and fun tried and tested games based methods of training. I may have occasion to support you with your dog through showing a specific way of handling it or through rewarding the good moments thoroughly! I then help you to continue to follow the training methods to maximise the potential for success with your dog. I look forward to hearing from you.


Follow up dog training: £35 per session


I follow the initial consultation with a visit to you, or digital video support, or your chosen place, where we work on specific areas you raised during the consultation. This is where I offer you advice or support with how best to communicate with your dog(s). There may be occasion where I will show you specific ways of handling your dog(s) or how to behave around your dog to maximise your chance of success with it/ them.

It is a two way session and the kind, fun, games based training methods will be used to support you during the session and after. 

I will design a tailored programme of support for you and your dog and will give you a likely duration of the sessions. You will be able to extend or reduce the sessions as you see fit or depending on your dog's progress.


Puppy training package £100 for 4 sessions or £25 per session


We offer an online, or in - person, individualised puppy training package -

£100 for 4 sessions which teaches important commands such as recall, sit, stay, down and toilet, as well as improving confidence, resilience, focus and relationships. This is a fun, kind, games based training package! This puppy package deepens your relationship with your puppy and improves your puppy's understanding of the world, the people and animals in their lives. It takes place where you live or in an area of your choosing.

The sessions can be extended if you require more.


Our online, video based, 'Sexier than a squirrel challenge'!

We're running the online 'Sexier than a squirrel challenge' with Absolute Dogs with full support, a Facebook group, questions and answers, chat etc. It is 25 new games to play with your dog whilst in the comfort of your own home, garden etc, designed to help your dog gain a strong relationship with you so that they choose you over the distractions. 

'The Sexier than a squirrel challenge' with extra in person, over the phone, WhatsApp advice and online support is £30.

Click on this link to contact us if you're interested. 

Dog walking £12 We collect your dog from your home and take it for lovely walks or play fun games with it for an hour or more if required. £12 up to an hour, for a group walk, (if your dog is sociable and has good recall then we can incorporate some off lead fun.)

Individual dog walking with some training £15 - If your dog needs some help with walking on a lead, struggles near other dogs, or has any other struggles, we  can play fun games to help with these and can teach specific commands you require. (£15 up to an hour and £5 extra per dog from the same family.)

Pet sitting £15 (or more dependent on your needs)

We look after your pet in the comfort of their own home, we can also stay at your house for a specified time if you wish. We charge £15 for each 1 hour visit- however this price can depend on the number of animals, (cats, dogs, small furries, horses) the duration of the visit or your pet's needs. We care well for your pets and follow any instructions you leave. Each extra dog is just £5 extra.

2+ hours = £25

3+ hours = £30

4+ hours up to a full day is £35 and an overnight stay is an extra £10.

We follow specific instructions for looking after your house and pets. If you'd like a compassionate and professional service please call us...

Online Dog Training for Kids and Families

Are you worried your child doesn't listen to you about your dog, are you fed up with repeating the same things time and time again and has the dog's biting and nipping got you scared for your child's safety?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to positively and safely train your puppy together, so that in 4 fun weeks or less, you can look forward to your child understanding your puppy more, your puppy being calmer and behaving better, so that you can enjoy lovely fun, fear-free, family moments with your dog for years to come! 


This is an exclusive invitation for the Beta version of Berserk to Brilliant Positive Puppy Training for Kids and Families… This offer has not been released before and will never be offered again at this price, as I am looking for families to join and help me fine tune it. I'm offering it at a low price in exchange for your feedback and support through the programme.


The dog training is fun and in person or online and helps your child understand your dog and build confidence.  Click on this to go to the dog training for kids page. 

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