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Our Dog Training

We provide in-person 1:1 dog training, online dog training courses and bespoke dog and puppy training packages to improve your dog's behaviour. We work with a large variety of dogs from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds - you name it -we help you!

We listen to your needs and then offer a range of tried and tested fun games and training for you and your dog which improve a whole range of struggles your dog might be having and deepens the dog's relationship with you, or any other family member or friend.

I am a trained teacher, so if you have children who would like to feel more confident  and enjoy learning how to train their dog please contact us. The emphasis is on the dog making positive choices and being rewarded for gaining confidence in it's understanding of your needs.

If your dog pulls on the lead, struggles to recall, barks inappropriately, worries about new places, things and people, struggles with travelling or novelty, bites, guards its food, is aggressive to other dogs or people or has any other struggles, then please contact us!

Brilliant Barkers' Dog Training costs:

There is an initial in - depth dog behaviour consultation for £50 and then the follow up training is £35 per session. (Travel expenses may be added if you are more than 5 miles away.)

The Puppy Training Package is £25 per session or £100 for 4 sessions. it covers a wide range of puppy foundations eg toilet training, nipping and biting, recall, focus, listening to cues, anxiety, socialising and loose lead walking. These are tailored to you and your puppy and focus on your pup's needs.

Puppy = 2 months - 9 months.


We can do live video support, FaceTime, Facebook Live, Skype, WhatApp etc and we are now running the Sexier than a squirrel 25 day challenge! Please click on this link to fill in a contact form.

Fill out this form for any of our services.

The Sexier than a squirrel 25 day challenge with full support from Brilliant Barkers is £30.

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