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‘Bringing focus and calm, where once there was mayhem!’

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Kids ideas to design the course!

One of the games to prevent stealing!

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Cute Puppy

I am so excited to announce a new super fun way of real-life learning for your dog / puppy and kids.

Are you worried your child doesn't listen to you about your dog, are you fed up with repeating the same things time and time again and has the dog biting and nipping got you scared for your child's safety?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to positively train your puppy together, so that in 4 fun weeks or less, you can look forward to your child understanding your puppy more, your puppy behaving better, so that you enjoy lovely fun, fear-free, family moments with your dog for years to come! 


This is an exclusive invitation for the Beta version of Berserk to Brilliant Positive Puppy Training for Kids and Families

Why create this course?


I have designed this course having noticed that many families and kids have struggles with their puppy, which can become worse, and in some cases, can lead to fear of the puppy seriously hurting and biting their children.


My own daughter made me feel like tearing my hair out, she was chasing around being giddy and the pups were reacting and biting her. I knew something had to change quick...on the one hand she wasn't listening to me and on the other the pups weren't able to stop themselves from reacting to her excitement.

I looked for help and found fantastic games based methods yet they weren't designed with families and especially kids in mind. I wanted to help children really understand their puppies and take some responsibility for their training in a safe way.

I put my 20+ years of teaching school children into effect as well as my understanding of puppies and dog training! The Brilliant Barkers' Blueprint for calm and focus' was born! I'm now in a position to offer it to you too.

What's different?

This course is tailored to families and especially children from 4+, it is designed in alignment with their development and is fun and easy to achieve! It's also been created with the help of several lovely families and I've taken on board what the kids wanted for an online course so it is gamified and kids move up the levels and have mini-wins throughout!


What’s included?


An Overview:


Module 1 - Setting you all up for success - planning your time, understanding your puppy, and it’s needs, setting up the ideal environment and considering where you are now to plan for your fantastic future.


Module 2 - Focussing on biting, chewing and inappropriate behaviours so you can feel safe knowing you have a system to help your family. Building calmness and self control for your puppy and your family that can be relied upon.


Module 3 - Relationship building for all the family, being aware of your puppy’s body language and helping everyone learn fun, safe games to play, so everyone can build positive relationships.


Module 4 - Building focus and learning some fantastic tricks to wow the family! So that children can enjoy impressing their friends, this helps them strengthen their bond with their puppy!


Module 5 - Celebrate your successes, review where you are now and plan for the next stages in your puppy’s development…


  • The course is online and experiential, kids will enjoy playing the games in real life with their puppy, watching how other kids have done the games before (including the before blips) and helping their puppy build a great focussed, happy relationship with them. 


  • Your child will enjoy learning how to understand their puppy better and will learn a range of ways in which to behave around their puppy that helps them stay safe with their puppy.


  • You will be able to relax more, creating a calmer, happier life for your puppy and your child.


  • You will be joining others who are following the tried and tested real life quick games based methods, you will all be able to follow 'Brilliant Barkers' Blueprint for calm and focus’ within a community of others. 


  • You will have your questions answered and have support through the programme in our website’s closed membership site to the course. 


  • There will be Facebook Lives, Zooms and WhatsApp support too.

You don't just have to take our word for a few of our reviews:

Bill McDivitt -11 February 2020

Kirsty has been amazing! We felt out of our depth with our new puppy and Kirsty gave us confidence. She demonstrated games through which the puppy learns and made it fun. We have enjoyed it and learned so much from it too.


Katie -30 May 2020

Kirsty has been a great help to me with my new puppy Charlie who is quite a nervous little guy! He loves all the games Kirsty has shown me and I can  see him getting more confident. Kirsty’s guidance and tips are extremely helpful! Thanks for all your help so far Kirsty!🐕😊

Feel free to share this to your friends and family… I want to help as many people as I can now… I’m offering WhatsApp and Facebook Support whilst this offer lasts I am happy to sign people up… afterwards I will have to close the doors, as you can imagine I'd like to focus on this course being massively fun and rewarding for you, so will need to focus my attention on you.


When does it start?

The course can be completed in 4 weeks. You have a bit longer if you need to; however, be prepared for your child to be excited about completing each level to success, you might just be zooming through the learning and getting to 'mission accomplished' before you know it!


Content will be released in easy manageable chunks, so you can work on the foundations for a great calm and focussed life with your puppy.


There are fantastic ways to keep you and your child accountable throughout the course including posters, sound effects and graphics for achievements, and mini- missions to complete each time. The time to invest is minimal and yet the consequences for your effort will be brilliant!


What is the investment?


Regular Price £247 ---->  (Not now!) 

Exclusive Beta Price for people signing up = £147


When you choose to join me on this journey there are extra bonuses too!


     - 1: 1 Zoom training, at the start, with me and WhatsApp support throughout the course.


    -  Canine Enrichment planning - How to help build calm before the course even starts! For the first 20 families to sign up.


     'So this sounds totally Pawsome! I am all in for my family! How do I sign up?'


You can apply here: Brilliant Barkers - Client & Pet Details (

You can purchase straightaway go to our shop

Or go to Paypal and type in and type in our one and only amazingly great value price of £147


Is this course suitable for my child with Special Educational Needs?

-Absolutely - it is a practical course and is primarily visual, it encompasses multi-sensory learning, sometimes: slides, drawing, writing, listening to stories, watching videos and putting the learning into practice in a fun way with their puppy. There are some sound effects so please be aware of these if you have a child with sensory issues.

Do I have to supervise my child throughout the course?

-Yes - I recommend all the games are done with supervision, if possible let an adult try them first and then when you are confident your puppy understands then your child may try them. Remember your child's safety is paramount, it is up to you to keep your child safe.

Do I need any special equipment?

There will be some types of equipment mentioned, however you will decide how much of this you would like. Nothing is essential except for good quality treats, a blanket, a collar, or double clip harness and a long lead or long line. If your puppy is at the biting stage, chance for your puppy to be away from your child some of the day is recommended too, so you might want to invest in a puppy fence, safety gate, crate or puppy pen.

Can all my kids do this course?

Yes, even younger children can take part as long as you are supervising them and keeping them safe. You can tick off if the mini-missions are completed or nominate your kids to do it. 

You can apply here: Brilliant Barkers - Client & Pet Details (

You can purchase straightaway go to our shop

Or go to Paypal and type in and type in our one and only amazingly great value price of £147

Thanks so much, looking forward to meeting you.


Kirsty at Brilliant Barkers.

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