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About My Mission and Training Methods

I believe wholeheartedly in helping people to understand their dogs and why they behave in a certain way. I will treat your dog kindly and respectfully working with its natural instincts as a member of a pack.

I am horrified by the number of dogs in rescue centres and am on a mission to try to prevent people from 'giving up' on their dogs.

Most of our dogs have been 'rescue' dogs and have had their own issues. I have spent years honing my skills, in a wide variety of ways, to help them and the extended family to feel secure and happy.

I will listen and encourage you to really think about your dog and how to help you understand it.

I will work with you and focus on any issues that you might be finding tricky by helping your dog to understand what is required of it.

kirsty dogs pip fleur horses_edited_edit

Taking our dogs for a walk.


Cuddling our two old dogs a long time ago.

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