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Welcome, you've come to the right place...we're brilliant, qualified dog and puppy trainers in Sheffield, Rotherham and Online. 
Do you love your dog, but are you finding yourself getting more annoyed and frustrated with some of the behaviours...?
re you looking for someone who truly cares, who has been through it, who shares your pain and who tailors dog training to your needs?
I can help you with your dog / puppy in person, online or over videocall. As a qualified dog trainer and school teacher, I offer tailored positive, games based dog training for you. (Check out our fantastic reviews, we really love supporting you to improve your life with your dog.)

***** 'I’d 100% recommend'

Alison Drake- Jax's owner

*****'Kirsty is an amazing dog trainer'

         Swathi Paul - Mani's owner

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Here is a video of Merlot, one of our puppies, learning a range of fun games to help him focus and listen...enjoy...

Does your dog pull on the lead? Ignore you when you ask it to come back? Does it bark at people and other dogs? Does it show signs of aggression / reactivity? Does it jump up? Is it anxious? Does it struggle in the car? Have toileting issues? Any other issues? Is it driving you mad and making you feel regretful? Call or email us... 07837072697 

Brilliant Barkers are here for you, you're in the right place!

With our unique mentoring and caring approach we help you bring out the best in your dog or puppy. We support you and your family to feel confident; happy that you have the best skills to truly create a wonderful life and loving relationship with your dog. We offer in person dog training, games based dog trainers, dog training at home, or online dog training courses with individual support over Zoom, WhatsApp, videocall etc... We also offer tailored dog training for kids.

I am Kirsty, I run Brilliant Barkers, I have two lovely miniature poodles, Morgan and Merlot! My passion is to help adults and children enjoy their lives with their dogs creating a true bond and understanding, based on kindness and respect. I am a mum, have professional dog training qualifications and am a school teacher, as well as an animal lover. I have a full DBS, which allows me to safely work with children and public liability insurance. I now use my love of teaching to help you with your dog or support your child to really communicate and understand your dog. I love seeing the spark when a child, or adult learns something new. It is no different from the joy evident when a dog makes a really good choice and is rewarded for it! I help you live your best life with your dog!


I have trained with Absolute Dogs and so offer a fun, games based training programme for dogs and owners, I know you will have lots of fun learning in a relaxed, non- judgemental and friendly way. I have always loved training dogs, having started very early, as a child, and really enjoy 'bringing out the best' in them!


We offer you: in person as well as online dog and puppy training courses, we tailor make a package to suit your dog depending on your dog's needs. We work with concepts: so if your dog has anxiety for example, we listen to you and we then match the training to help with the root causes of the anxiety. Therefore the games boost your dog's optimism, confidence, help your dog to cope with novelty, strangers, dogs etc and build a stronger relationship with you.

We offer a range of online platforms: Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, telephone or email online dog training consultations and dog training from wherever you are in the World too!

Please click here for our contact form for any of our services.

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The photos show dog training, where dogs are learning to trust, listen, focus and feel confident with their owners in a range of fun ways.

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Reviews of Brilliant Barkers 

*****Kirsty is an amazing dog trainer who has helped our Mani to get more confident and develop better habits. After the initial consultation Kirsty came up with a plan and designed games specifically tailor made to help Mani to cope with separation anxiety, loose lead walking etc. Within a few weeks of following the games and sessions we could find a remarkable difference in his temperament. Brilliant Barkers are fun, friendly but very methodical in their approach. Kirsty also explained how each game worked and impacted Mani's behaviour and helped us recreate them with Mani at our own backyard.
Thanks team for helping us.... keep up with the great work :) Swathi -Paul

*****Jax had his first training session with Kirsty yesterday & she spent so much time discussing our wants and needs beforehand & was really great with him. She’s taught me so much in only a couple of hours and I can already see the impact it’s having. We’re really excited to continue & see where Jax can get to with his confidence and recall.

She also wrote me a lengthy and detailed report about the session which was fab to pass on to my partner and mum. Can not wait for our next session.

I’d 100% recommend and I say it confidently even after one session I’m confident she’ll make Jax a totally different dog.

Thank you! Alison 

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We are GDPR compliant, your data is stored safely and password protected and is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We will only email, or contact you with relevant information, or reply to your messages and will not pass on any of your personal information.

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